Brief: Take a single line from a song by The Beatles and construct a company around it.
Song: "Tomorrow Never Knows" - Revolver
Line: "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream"
The song, "Tomorrow Never Knows", has its basis in eastern philosophy. The lyrics are based on a translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and lyrical themes revolve around meditation, enlightenment, and release. The technical side of the song was very complex, with lots of layering, tracks run in reverse, and complicated dynamics throughout.
Downstream plants its roots firmly in the complex background of the song and the band. The logo is based on a combination of the Endless Knot, a symbol of widespread use in Tibetan Buddhism, and Celtic knots, due to the Irish heritage of the group members. The pared down aesthetics and simplicity of the products is a reaction to the complexity of the song. While the song continues to add more and more, Downstream strips all products down to the bare essentials, allowing the experience of being in nature to take the front seat.
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