MoonLab Productions
MoonLab Productions is a full-service live event production agency based in Los Angeles. After five years of creating exceptional work for clients like Uber and FujiFilm, they sought a new brand identity to carry them into their next five years and beyond.
Logo Design
Motion Design
Web Copywriting

Previous Logo

New Logo

The identity centers on a bold wordmark inspired by the stencils used to quickly label equipment.
Inside the the mark are a crescent moon and a typographic detail in the "LA" combination as an homage to the studio's home city.
A simple, punchy aesthetic extended across the collateral to include patterns, presentation deck design, and a brand bumper animation. 

Logo Bumper

I also worked closely with TakeThreeStudio on the website design to ensure it adhered to the brand aesthetic, in addition to providing copywriting for the informational and project pages.
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To see the evolution of the rebrand process, explore a full PDF of all logo options presented here.

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