The RETI Center is a New York non-profit organization acting as a hub for partner organizations dedicated to building strength in communities through resiliency-focused economic development. While a student at Pratt Institute, I worked as part of the Design Corps program to provide a pro-bono brand identity for the RETI Center.
From early on in the design process, it was important that the brand identity communicate not only the industrial and economic focus of the center, but also their dynamic and forward-looking approach to innovation and resilient technologies.
The Mark
The logo consists of two major elements: the stacked word mark and a colored band that it sits atop.
The acronym RETI (Resilience, Education, Technology, Innovation) is set in the sans serif Gibson Bold to provide an impressive, established presence, while the lowercase "center" is set in the slab serif Rockwell Bold to give an approachable, friendly element.
The colored band at the base of the logo was created by projecting the path of a quad-blade turbine. When the relative size of each blade is tracked through a full rotation, it creates a pattern dubbed "the cable," reminiscent of large coiled industrial cables.
The cable pattern was then applied for use over duotone photography using one of the four brand colors with certain sections taken out to reference the constant building-block nature of the RETI Center's work.
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